Own Production Line

Our factories in India and Sri Lanka allow us to control the entire supply chain and always ensure provisioning to our customers.

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We present a hydroponic system that adapts to the usually type of red fruits cultivation, easy to handle and provides agronomic benefits.

These plates are ideal for high quality protected hydroponics greenhouse vegetables, berries, fruit trees and flowering plants nurseries.

“The main advantages of Projar are its extensive experience in the market and the large investments made in qualified personnel and infrastructure”
Enrique Baranda

Director Comercial INVECO

We offer our customers a free technical consultancy throughout the cultivation process: from implantation to after-care.

The Projar Group is present in over twenty countries worldwide. Click here and contact the nearest Golden Grow distributor.

If you have questions about using any of our products, here you can see the user guide or contact our technicians.

Guaranteed Quality

Golden Grow products are 100% organic, recycled and recyclable. They are also guaranteed by ISO and OMRI certificates.

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