Consultancy Service

Our consultancy service is different depending on the type of client. What it does have in common to all cases is that it is a free service that only Projar offers to customers.

Hydroponic Solutions

Consultancy develops in 4 steps:

1. Visit to the customer (physical or virtually)

The clients come to us to begin implanting our hydroponic products in their business. One of our technicians (Product & Solution Manager – PSM) undertakes the project and either visits the customer’s premises, or prompts an extensive description of the case: background, characteristics of the installation, graphic material…

2. Study of the case and solution proposal

With all the relevant information, the technical office of Projar writes a report that offers a product based on our hydroponic solution. This report will detail, among other things, how many Golden Grow Hydroponics are necessary and what is the recommended frequency of fertirrigation according to the climate of the region, crop type, etc.

3. Implementation of the solution

The project technician will support the customer to implement the solution. Generally our Product & Solution Manager supports production technicians to address concerns that may arise at this stage.

4. Lifelong after-sales support

After implantation our project manager will contact the customer frequently to monitor the performance of the implemented solution and assess whether it is necessary to correct deviations. The PSM will remind the customer important information to keep in mind to avoid problems with the crop or to increase production efficiency.

Consultancy for Substrate Manufacturers

Projar has over 20 years of experience in the production of substrate based on mixtures of peat, peat and coconut and other raw materials. Besides, our company has manufacturing plants of coconut substrate hydroponics supplying to companies in Morocco, Portugal, Spain and France. It is a professional substrate manufacturer characterized by a wide variety of recipes for specific substrates for each crop: seeds, grafts, red fruits, ornamentals, specific ornamentals, specific horticultural crops…

1. Advice about raw materials

We process all types of raw materials and give advice to our substrate producer clients so that they can acquire the best and most suitable ones for each crop.

2. Recipes and compositions for specific crops

Proporcionamos a nuestros clientes la información para que realicen las mejores composiciones y ganen cuota de mercado en el mundo de los sustratos.

3. Marketing and sales advice

We support our customer to introduce products to the market.

High-volume /large fruit and vegetable production

There are customers who directly count on the technical staff and the necessary equipment to make their own mixes of substrate. These find a great ally in Projar who can provide know-how on what materials to use and what mixtures to use for their cultivation.

We have the experience of being substrate providers of the major horticultural producers in Spain and Portugal for over 20 years.