Golden Grow Hydroponics Premium Disc

Special product mainly used for potted plants and offer an important advantage in labor savings. Easy to use. High quality product for hydroponic growing under greenhouse conditions. This composition is perfect for cold climates with low solar radiation and for crops that hardly tolerates humidity. Its large capacity of aeration allows avoiding stress because of root asphyxia and reduces fungal problems in cold conditions.

  • Uses
    • Flowering plants: Rose, carnation, gerbera…

Frequency/Irrigation cycles: High. Perfect for growing ornamental flowers such as gerbera.

  • Excelent screening to eliminate finer particles.
  • Progressive granulometry: Thin on top and thick on the bottom.
  • Its content in chips ensures a good drainage during its useful life.
  • For a proper placement and labor savings the product can be supplied with a hole for the dropper.
  • Even and homogeneus product.
  • 100% natural, renewable and recyclable.
  • Sustainable product.
  • Own manufacture.
  • Organic quality certificate OMRI.
  • Store in a cool and dry place to protect it from solar radiation.
  • Coir fiber is a totally natural product so therefore may have small variations because of its expansion.
Water ratios / air / Saturated coir:
Technical Data Sheet
Electric Conductivity NATURAL WASHED
1,5-2,5 mS/cm (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)

2,0-4,0 mS/cm (Saturated paste)

≤ 1,0 mS/cm (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)

≤ 1,5 mS/cm (Saturated paste)

pH 5,5-6,2 (Sonneveld 1:1,5 v/v)
Water Air Ratio Generative
Packaging UV Treatment – Various available options (check)
Measures (cm) Diameter 12 x Height 18

Diameter 14 x Height 18

Diameter 16 x Height 18

Diameter 18 x Height 18

Diameter 20 x Height 18

More available sizes (check)

More packaging options Holes drippers…