Procitrics hydroponic solution

The Procitrics hydroponic solution is designed to eliminate the problems of production in some inhomogeneous soils with unfavorable conditions. It also represents a significant economic benefit because it allows advancing crop cycles.

  • Advantages
    • Homogeneity of the production
    • Cost savings versus potting or canal
    • Less replenishments
    • The root is not damaged at startup
    • Substrate with OMRI organic quality certificate

Although citrus transplanting dates are traditionally fixed and strict (which implies a significant amount of plants that are lost at the startup), this hydroponic solution allows transplanting at any time and getting a consistent production of high quality. Furthermore, hydroponics with citrus plants is the most satisfactory, cost-wise, of all possible techniques of growing without soil.

Technical advice

Golden Grow has a team of agronomists specialized in hydroponics, that provide free of charge assistance to customers in each of the cultivation stages.

Phase 1: analysis and custom case study
A technician will travel to the site, to assess the specific problems that the client faces, and will determine their specific needs. Subsequently, a comprehensive analysis and a proposal with the best possible solution will be performed. Besides being the most reasonably priced, altering the client’s form of work as little as possible will be taken into account. These are some of the products that can be proposed at this stage:

  • Hydroponic growing plates
  • Tutors
  • Thermal blanket
  • Anti-weed mesh

Phase 2: solution implantation
In this stage the solution will be launched and products will be provided under the supervision of our technicians who will travel to the place to check that the cultivation is implemented correctly.

Phase 3: follow-up
After the implantation, the customer has permanent after sales service for questions and inquiries. In addition, technicians may travel to monitor the production to ensure the performance of the implemented Procitrics solution.

Success stories

One of the leading citrus plant producers of Spain came to us because they faced a major soil problem. The surface on which they cultivated was heterogeneous and therefore also its output.

To solve this, Golden Grow technicians launched the Procitrics solution, which has allowed them to meet all production targets. Now the harvest is homogeneous and of higher quality, it has reduced replenishment (as it is not subject to fixed dates of transplantation) and has increased the intervals of planting, as well as avoided damage to the starter.

All this by means of an alternative affordable cost, much cheaper than pot containers (container cost, substrate and labor) or canals (canal disinfection, substrate, labor).