Proberries Solution

The Projar Proberries solution is based on a custom hydroponic system that adapts to the shape of usual red fruit crop. This makes the handling easier and also provides agronomic advantages.

  • Advantages
    • Savings in labor cost
    • Adapted customer and technical support
    • Substrate with greater aeration capacity
    • Substrate with OMRI certified organic quality
    • Uniform, homogeneous product
    • 100% Natural, renewable and recyclable material
    • Sustainable Product
    • Own manufacturing
Technical advice

Golden Grow has a team of agronomists specialized in hydroponics, who provide free of charge assistance to customers in each of the cultivation stages.

Phase 1: analysis and custom case study
A technician will travel to the site, to assess the specific problems that the client faces, and determine their specific needs. Subsequently, a comprehensive analysis and a proposal with the best possible solution will be performed. Besides being the most reasonably priced, altering the client’s form of work as little as possible will be taken to account. These are some of the products that may be proposed at this stage:

  • Adapted hydroponic plate
  • EasyPlanter, blocks or bricks
  • Anti-weed fabric, a shading mesh and insect screen
  • Peat and/or coconut substrate
  • Cane for trellising
  • Plant pots

Phase 2: Implementation of the solution
At this stage the solution will be launched and products will be provided under the supervision of our technicians who will travel to the place to ensure that the cultivation is implemented correctly.

Phase 3: Follow-up
After implantation, the customer has permanent after sales service for doubts and inquiries. In addition, after some time technicians may travel to monitor the production to verify the performance of the implemented Proberries solution.

Success stories

A few months ago we went to a raspberry producer in the south of Spain, with a production of 28ha, grown in soil. After expanding their facilities, they met with unfavorable conditions for the growth of raspberry.

This client needed an alternative and found the ideal solution in Projar: Proberries. Currently, 20% of its production is hydroponic, in order that soil conditions are no longer a problem for him.