In Projar we control the production entirely through each stage, this allows us to guarantee the highest quality and the ability to supply our products. The large investments, in our production modules of India and Sri Lanka, focused on equipment and facilities, permit a large storage and production capacity.

Supervision begins when we acquire the shells. Then, during each of the stages of production, we follow the protocol of quality and we monitor the processes. Finally, when the material is packaged and palletized, we double-check each pallet at a time to authorize the delivery of the material and certify its quality.

To perform this control all our head offices have the Quality Manager, the person responsible for reviewing processes and allowing the release of material, and the Director of Operations, who supervises the applied protocols. In addition, the processes are monitored, so that each batch of products is identified and registered.
This way, the Golden Grow products go from our processing centers in India and Sri Lanka to the production modules, without the quality depending on providers external to our company network at any moment.

  • Ecofriendly
  • 100% organic
  • Recycled and