I choose Projar as a partner for my hydroponic products because I am convinced of their commitment to quality and efficiency worldwide. Also, I have the peace of mind that their technicians know the products we handle in depth. The main advantages of Projar are their experience in the market and the large investments they make with qualified personnel and infrastructure. Regarding their customer service, we always get answers to technical doubts in a timely and personalized manner.

Enrique Baranda Sales Director, Inveco SA de CV

My company The Leamintonng Grower (http://leamingtongrower.com/), located in North America, connects nurseries with their suppliers offering the latest technology in the international scene. The fruit and vegetable market of the region demands hydroponic coconut plates. And Projar, in addition to their Golden Grow Hydroponics Grow Bags, has an excellent reputation as a producer of premium substrates and a professional technical support for the coconut. That is why we choose them. Other advantages of this brand are its ISO certifications. I also really appreciate the ability of Projar to advise professional growers who want to make their own mixes. The range of Golden Grow Precision products is very interesting, given that the fiber of the bottom layer prevents the roots from continuously consuming fertilizer. Ever since I trust Projar as a provider I know that products are delivered within the deadline that my clients had requested. Also, I am sure that any issue will be resolved quickly and, most importantly, I know that with Projar, my clients and I will have technical support.

Antonio J. Gómez GREENHOUSE DEPOT – The Leamintong Grower